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Take advantage of the power of social networks - get more leads with a social funnel that drives results

You have full access to an audience of billions of users through social media, which plays an integral role in your digital marketing strategy. For companies looking to grow their brand and find their fans, social media marketing can be an effective tool. Using major social media platforms gives your brand the opportunity to interact with customers, prospects, and followers, build an online community, and start real conversations. Develop an engaging strategy on social media that drives engagement and success.

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A team of passionate professionals at Rthan helps clients create a strong online presence with multifaceted social media marketing.

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A brand's understanding

No matter whether a company has a large marketing budget or a small one, brand recognition is crucial.

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Establish relationships

Create relevant content your audience wants to see to build a relationship with your customers. Create highly engaging and brand-focused content for your consumers so that they can connect with you and understand your needs.

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Exposure is key

Exposing your brand will allow potential clients to identify it with the products and services they intend to buy, increasing their likelihood of choosing you instead of your competitors.

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Make social media work for you

When you run a business, it is challenging to keep an active social presence. The to-do list keeps growing as you create content, monitor your competition, and engage your audience. Luckily, our social media marketing services can help you get back to doing what you love and let us handle the rest. Whether it’s on a busy day or when it’s slow, we can help you find what truly resonates with your audience. Engaging our social media followers, listening to their feedback, and building relationships is a skill our team possesses. We can help you become more visible on social media. 

Marketing via social media versus digital marketing

The goal of digital marketing is to increase profitability by promoting products and services using online and offline techniques.

A component of digital marketing is social media marketing. Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube can all be used for introducing brands, capturing prospects' attention, and engaging with customers. Digital marketing strategies for social media include collaborating with influencers in your industry, posting original content, and following various marketing trends.

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“ The first time I heard about Rthan was when I was approached by them to interview for LinkedIn. Their approach impressed me so much that I decided to let him and his team demonstrate to me how their work could help my business for three months. Their contract was substantially extended as a result of this action. ”

“ Working with Rthan has increased our following and brand awareness. They ensure that the workflow is strong, focus on our needs at all times, and work efficiently to avoid any delays. With Rthan, you can expect a knowledgeable, dedicated, and professional partner. ”

“ In contrast to many marketing firms, Rthan stands out for its unusual qualities. We value their honesty and personal attention. In the modern world, customer service seems to be slipping away, but not at Rthan. It may sound strange, but I think it's because they love what they do and it shows. Get in touch with Rthan if you're looking for marketing professionals who know their stuff and who enjoy a good laugh. They are hard to beat. ”

“ The social media manager company Rthan provides excellent services. Their team's ability to provide content and marketing strategy for clients and colleagues is unmatched. For social media tips, tricks, and how-to's, they're definitely on my short list of go-to professionals! ”

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